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Multi-Miner Thermohashostat - Precision Climate Control for Antminers with LuxOS Firmware

#Bitcoin mining used for heating is a GROWING use case!

Check out @100AcresRanch“Thermohashostat” y’all, running on LuxOS 👀

Get heat, make some corn 🌽

— Luxor Technology 🟧⛏️ (@LuxorTechnology) January 26, 2024

Thermohashostat 1

Thermohashostat 2

Elevate your Antminer's performance with the Multi-Miner Thermohashostat, the essential temperature management device optimized for miners running LuxOS Antminer Firmware. Experience the pinnacle of mining efficiency through advanced climate control, leveraging the robust capabilities of LuxOS to maintain the perfect balance between performance and energy consumption.

Key Features:

LuxOS Firmware Compatibility: Custom-designed for Antminers enhanced with LuxOS, offering advanced features such as automated frequency tuning, improved hash rate stability, and detailed statistical reporting. Future-Proof Design: Equipped with the capability to control various ASIC models simultaneously - manage up to three miners per thermostat, with diverse model support forthcoming.
Automated Thermal Regulation: Smartly adjusts ASIC chip output to achieve your target room temperature, for sustained operational efficiency.
Web-Based Management: Administer up to three miners remotely via a user-friendly web interface.
Ranch Edition Ready: Prepare for the expansion with the Ranch Edition, supporting control over five ASIC miners, enhanced with a purchasable patch upgrade (price TBA).

Product Specifications:

Firmware Support: Optimized for LuxOS Antminer Firmware ASIC Miner Capacity: Up to 3 per thermostat, expandable in the near future Interface: Web server for comprehensive remote management Display: Temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Control: Adjustable to user specifications

Hash Anywhere Edition Solar Hash Box -

Solar Diagram

APW3 Compatible Units: These units are customizable and include a hybrid grid-tied option that allows an S9 to break even or be profitable at $0.06/kWh. The system is fully autonomous, controlling on/off, frequency, and voltage. The price is $1200 plus shipping and handling.

APW3 Solar Hash Box

S19 Hash Anywhere Edition Solar Hash Box:

This modular unit can be mounted on the back of any solar array to utilize excess power or operate at full capacity. It automates the frequency and voltage control of the mining unit. Customers are advised to discard their PSU and mount the unit directly into the box. The price is $2300 plus shipping and handling.

S19 Solar Hash Box